Our offer of products and services


Certified seed of wheat, corn, peas, beans


Flax seed, thistle, castor and beans

15 years

Seed processing and conditioning services for other producers
We also provide processing and packaging of seeds at customer's request

With over 15 years of experience in processing, conditioning and distributing seed material on the Romanian market, we provide quality services to customers who choose to work with us


Essential oils of lavender, coriander, fennel


Cold-pressed oil of flax, armor, castor

Customized cultures

Under the conditions of a firm order, we can cultivate and process any kind of plant from which essential oil can be obtained and that can adapt to our climatic conditions

In the case of distillation or seed processing and seed conditioning services, please contact us by mail (office@agroprovens.ro) or by phone (0772 6357043)