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Agroprovens Bărăganul cultivates coriander, lavender, armor, fennel, and castor

If you are passionate about agriculture, it will not delay to satisfy you with a production above the efforts made.

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Company history

  • 2000 the corn seed processing plant is operational
  • 2004 we start to produce certified wheat seed of Romanian varieties
  • 2013 we are looking for alternatives to replacing traditional crops 
    we set up first our coriander culture
  • 2014 we continue the trend of changing large crops, setting up flax cultures, fennel, milk thistle
    we try to harness these crops by selling it as such or processing them and thus obtaining our first liters of cold pressed oil thistle
  • 2015 we are setting up our first lavender culture on a 15 hectares area
    we start the construction of the distillation station for the processing of lavender flowers
  • 2016 the distillation station is completed; we are setting up another 10 hectares of lavender. We invest in our own harvesting machines for maintaining his crop
  • We offer distillation services for a firm order, according to a predefined schedule

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